Danish 20 kroner Christian IX Gold Coin

Denmark · Purity: 21.6 karats · ⌀ 23 мм

The 20 kroner Christian IX gold coins were issued between 1873 and 1900 by the Danish Royal Mint, which during this period struck approximately 1.7 million of them.

594 лв.Buyback: 528 лв.
  • 20 kroner form part of Denmark’s most famous gold coinage. Danish gold kroner issued from 1873 to 1914 are associated with a period in Denmark’s history marked by peace, a rise in general prosperity and, most importantly, four decades of stable prices. It is no wonder that 20 kroner are the most sought-after gold coins in Denmark.
  • 20 kroner are perfect for coin collections. These coins were at the heart of the Scandinavian Currency Union, an almost perfect monetary system of the time, which makes them a great pick for historical coin collections.
  • 20 kroner coins are wonderful gifts. This coin comes in an affordable weight and is embellished with the beautiful personification of the country: Mother Denmark, a perfect gift for a newborn or for those who hold Denmark in high esteem.
  • 20 kroner gold coins are money. They are exempt from Value Added Tax, and as such are exchangeable throughout Europe by bullion dealers and investors alike.
  • 20 kroner are the equivalent of savings. Danish 20 gold kroner are an ideal choice for any long-term saver who appreciates the security and stability of owning physical gold coins.
  • 20 kroner gold coins are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Gold’s low correlation with other financial assets makes sovereign gold coins serve as a portfolio hedge against market risk. 

The obverse pictures King Christian IX. Around his effigy is the text “CHRISTIAN IX KONGE AF DANMARK” which translates as “Christian IX King of Denmark”. Under the king’s neckline is a small heart, which is the mark of the Royal Danish Mint, the year of mintage, and the signature of the master engraver “CS”.

The reverse portrays an imposing allegorical personification of Denmark, symbolised as a female figure in a sitting position with her left arm posed on a shield and wielding a sceptre in her right hand. In front of her is a dolphin and behind her a sheaf of wheat. She is half encircled by the denomination “20 KRONER”.

 The 20 kroner gold coin was produced by the Danish Royal Mint

With the specification for the gold standard made into law in 1873, the Royal Danish Mint began to issue 20 kroner gold coins. From then until 1900, it minted 1.7 million pieces that carried the effigy of King Christian IX. From 1908 to 1912, it issued an additional 1.17 million pieces of this coin, albeit with the portrait of King Frederik VIII. The last 20 kroner gold coins that depicted King Christian X were released from 1913 to 1916 and totalled 3.67 million pieces. However, 1.93 million of these coins minted in 1915 and 1916 were never available to the public due to the decision of the Danish Central Bank to suspend the conversion of bank notes into gold coins in 1914. This batch of coins was stored in the vaults of the central bank, and is today considered part of its gold reserves. In total, the mint struck approximately 6.55 million pieces of the 20 kroner gold coin during Denmark’s membership of the Scandinavian Currency Union.


King Christian IX depicted on the first 20 kroner gold coin

Born in 1818, Christian grew up in Denmark where he attended the Military Academy in Copenhagen. Following the death of King Frederik VII, Christian succeeded to the throne in 1863. A staunch conservative, he was generally against liberal ideas. Nevertheless, he opened the door to pensions for the elderly, unemployment assistance and tax breaks for families. He married Queen Louise with whom he had six children. His eldest offspring would become King Frederik VIII of Denmark, and the second king to be depicted on the 20 kroner gold coin. Christian IX became towards the end of his reign a national icon due to the length of his reign and for his high standards of personal morality and integrity. King Christian IX died at the royal palace in Copenhagen in 1906 at the age of 87. However, the last issue of the 20 kroner Christian IX gold coin came six years before the king’s death.

Danish 20 kroner Christian IX Gold Coin Gold weight
Weight Nominal Diameter in mm Sample Weight in g Grams
4.48 g 10 kroner 18 21.6 karat 4.4803 4.03227
8.96 g 20 kroner 23 21.6 karats 8.9606 8.06454

Danish 20 kroner Christian IX Gold Coin

Denmark · Purity: 21.6 karats · ⌀ 23 мм

594 лв.Buyback: 528 лв.