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=1,81 BGN
=9,04 BGN
10 USD
=18,07 BGN
15 USD
=27,11 BGN
20 USD
=36,14 BGN
30 USD
=54,21 BGN
40 USD
=72,28 BGN
50 USD
=90,35 BGN
100 USD
=180,70 BGN
150 USD
=271,05 BGN
200 USD
=361,40 BGN
300 USD
=542,10 BGN
500 USD
=903,50 BGN
1000 USD
=1807,00 BGN
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EUR 1000
Exchange rate0.6547
Fee2 EUR
Total to pay1002 EUR
Recepient gets9555 SEK
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