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Pakistan rupee


Lock deal for 1 hours
Once in the office simply tell us your email
Thank you for locking the deal for 1 hours. You can use your deal by visiting one of our offices. Now visit and once there tell your email Get directions to office
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Money Transfer Details
EUR 1000
Exchange rate0.6547
Fee2 EUR
Total to pay1002 EUR
Recepient gets9555 SEK
Delivery to Econt office - 4,20 BGN
to address - 5,25 BGN
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Delivery costs start from 4,20 BGN
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=0,01 BGN
=0,04 BGN
10 PKR
=0,07 BGN
15 PKR
=0,11 BGN
20 PKR
=0,14 BGN
30 PKR
=0,21 BGN
40 PKR
=0,28 BGN
50 PKR
=0,36 BGN
100 PKR
=0,71 BGN
150 PKR
=1,07 BGN
200 PKR
=1,42 BGN
300 PKR
=2,13 BGN
500 PKR
=3,55 BGN
1000 PKR
=7,10 BGN
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Close: -
Low: -
High: -
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